Urologist in The Villages, FL

Meet Dr. Cassell

Jack Cassell, MD, PA

Dr. Cassell located to Lake County, Florida in 1988 after finishing a urologic oncology fellowship at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Specializing in the treatment of urologic cancers has changed quite dramatically over the last decade. The trend has been to move away from what was once termed “blood and guts surgery”, to the new approach of “minimally invasive surgery”, strongly embraced by both patients and urologists alike. Our practice offers such treatments for urinary incontinence, prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, hematuria, low testosterone, pelvic organ prolapse and prostate cancer, to name just a few. We pride ourselves on the personal method with which we care for our patients. As many specialty practices have evolved into high volume, assembly-line machines, we still see our patients one at a time, the old fashion way. In recent years, modern medicine has become a target in the progressive quest for fairness, and in doing so our government has made the process of caring for you cumbersome and inefficient. We at Urology of Mount Dora refuse to lower our standard of care in order to meet governmental compliance. It is our pleasure to care for you and strongly appreciate and respect your trust.

Dr. Cassell sees patients from Apopka, The Villages, Mount Dora, and the surrounding area.